The Balancing Act – Tracy French

Some agents are able to create a thriving, pace-setting business in their market, while some others are masters at making time for their family and personal committments.

Then there are those rare few who are able to do BOTH.

In this week’s episode, Jay and Gabe take a break from sweeping speculation about the future of the industry and spend some time chatting with local top-producer Tracy French. New to the business in 2013, Tracy wasted no time charting a path for herself all the way to the top, closing out 2017 with 111 transactions (all on her own).

Despite this staggering level of success, Tracy still makes time for her husband and four children, enjoying the type of life she always knew she deserved. She explains that while it’s not always easy, the choices that have to be made every day to stay on track are simple ones. Don’t miss this week’s episode if you’ve ever felt like there aren’t enough hours in the day!

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