Put Me In, Coach! – Debbie Holloway

In the world of real estate sales, there are good agents and successful teams wherever you look. Look a little deeper though, and you’ll find the top producers that make up the top 20% of agents while working 80% of the available business. What is it that sets these powerhouse agents apart?

In today’s episode of (RE)source, Jay and Gabe talk with Debbie Holloway: Louisville real estate legend and head of Team+ Coaching for Tom Ferry. When Debbie isn’t traveling around the country speaking to real estate professionals, she oversees the largest team coaching organization in the United States.

Most agents are familiar with coaching, but aren’t quite sure it’s right for them. What happens when I hire a coach? Will my business grow? Listen in to hear Debbie tell the story of how coaching helped bring her career back from the brink of disaster and allowed her to reach a level of success she never dreamed of.

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  • Tracy P

    Reply Reply September 9, 2017

    I really like your last few episodes. I’m not a realtor but the topics dealing with teamwork and coaching have broad application. I am chewing on the distinction you made today between being interested and being committed. Thanks for another great episode. It makes me want to hire a personal trainer or maybe a life coach!

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