$#!+ My Dad Says – Jeff Pitts

In this week’s episode, Jay and Gabe are joined in-studio by a special guest who possibly can claim the MOST influence over Jay’s early decision to get into real estate. Of course, we’re speaking of Jeff Pitts, Jay’s father and longtime veteran of the real estate industry.

A veritable legend in his own right, Jeff talks about his early days in the business, selling 60 homes in only his first 6 months. After learning the ropes in residential and commercial sales, new construction, REO, and property managemet, Jeff expanded his business into what would become a 20-agent team at it’s height, selling nearly 700 homes in one year alone.

Make sure not to miss this episode as Jeff shares timeless wisdom such as:

– The one thing every agent should do every night before bed
– A lead generation tool that will never go out of style
– How to create lasting repeat business without ever buying a closing gift.

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