Who is (RE)source for?

In short, (RE)source is for you.

Whether you're a Realtor, investor, broker, or simply a curious consumer, we want to be your resource for the latest trends impacting real estate. Staying ahead of the market is critical for consumers and professionals alike, and sometimes it can be difficult to cut through the noise. With all the controversies and debates swirling around the industry, trust the (RE)source team to bring you insider perspectives, expert advice, and of course, real talk about real estate.

Jay Pitts


I am a young, hungry and driven individual with an extreme passion for being successful at whatever task I take on. I also have a passion for real estate. I have valuable experience in almost every facet of the real estate industry, from management and auction, to sales and marketing of residential or commercial real estate. I am a second generation real estate professional and have had years of experience prior to being in business for myself. I grew up on job sites and in conference rooms observing some of the most competent professionals in the business.

After graduating from Bellarmine University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a minor in Communication, I immediately became licensed to sell real estate. At the same time I accepted a position in the mortgage industry as a Loan Originator. While originating loans full-time I continued to market, sell and invest in real estate part-time, with a constant “watchful-eye” on the developments in the real estate industry. As time progressed, my passion grew for being in business “for myself, but not by myself.” In 2007 I decided it was time to make my passion a full-time profession. My time in the mortgage industry cultivated my skills and sharpened my awareness of the consumer’s need for someone to assist with the increasingly more difficult finance process. This realization has helped me to serve numerous clients over the past several years in navigating the tumultuous world of mortgage lending and take advantage of some the best deals we have seen in a generation.

I am a four time RE/MAX Platinum Award Recipient, Two time 100% Club member, and one of the youngest members of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame our state has ever seen.

Gabe Prewitt


 As a young agent new to the business in 2013, my first goal as a Realtor was to join a team that would help propel me towards success. After joining Jay T. Pitts & Associates, it became clear that I was in the right place. As one of the first members of the team, I've had the opportunity to watch our team grow into the real estate powerhouse it is today.

In a short amount of time, our continued success forced us to move into a larger office, hire more team members, and even open our own brokerage. Throughout all of this growth, the secret to our success has always been a commitment to helping each other succeed by sharing experiences and lessons learned, both good and bad.

After many office meetings, team huddles, and one-on-one conversations with Jay, it became clear that the discussions we were having would be of value to all industry professionals, not just the members of our team. Jay and I launched (RE)source to give YOU direct access to the game-changing insights that have propelled our team to #1 in Louisville, KY (and we're not stopping there).

When I'm not producing, editing, marketing, and hosting the podcast, I'm a full time Realtor and our team's Sales Support Specialist. My days are spent communicating with our clients and helping our growing roster of agents stay in front of as many opportunities to use their skills as possible.